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So today, I had decided to learn to how retexture hair in the event that there's this hair out but as of right now, I haven't seen any tutorials at GoS or MTS. The tutorials that I have seen are for TS2. Maybe it's the same for TS2. If you guys see any tutorials for retexturing hair, please let me know  by PMing me or by replying to this post. Thanks you have found one.
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It's here! The Astrological Tattoo set have been released. After minutes of testing to make sure that they recolor well, I have decided to release them. These are a set of tattoos based on the astrology signs of the western part of the world. Included in the download is a CAS shot of each tattoo. They are in.Package format, so you can just drop them in your Mods/Packages folders. At this time, there are no plans to make a Sims3Pack version. You can download the tattoos here.
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I’ve been working on a Tattoo set for the past few days. This is the Phantom Studio surprise that I mentioned on my TS3 MyPage blog. While I’m working on the set, please enjoy this preview to hold you over. I'm actually kind of pleased on how the first tattoo of the set looks, considering it's my first real tattoo despite releasing a test butterfly tattoo which can be found here.


Jul. 25th, 2010 12:49 am
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Welcome to my blog. This blog will hopefully be used for talking about The Sims 3, some off topic items, and a few of my creations. Such creations may include tattoos, Sims, lots, hair, patterns. However, I'm still learning how to create CC so some items such as hair may not ever be released. But enough about that, I'm glad you stumbled across my blog!

- (Phantom) Flex


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